Stages of site development

Prototyping A site prototype is a schematic outline of the design and structure of the website being created. The prototype includes the future layout of the website elements.

Design gives the site color or business rigor. The site design determines the perception of its visitors, and consequently the result.

Layout. The layout of the website – create pages from an existing layout. Good layout makes it possible to display elements correctly on any digital devices.

Programming is one of the most important stages in the operation of Your site. The performance of your Internet resource depends on the quality of programming.

Support. After completing the development of Your site, support and a guarantee for the work performed are provided.

Please note that the cost of developing an Internet site is approximate — the exact price for creating an Internet site will be known after understanding your task and evaluating the amount of work.

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Development of a business card site
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Development of a product catalog
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Development of a comtent management system
CRM system development
Development of an ERP system for enterprise needs

Main developer

  • Карим Урманов

    Karim Urmanov

    Front-End, Back-End Developer



Последние проекты

  • Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Development, design, layout, maintenance

  • Investment portal of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Website development, design development, integration, employee training.

  • Сайт: Международный экспортный форум «Время экспортировать»

    Разработка, дизайн, верстка, программирование, сопровождение

  • Производственное предприятиятие «Катера RiverJet»

    Брендинг, дизайн, разработка сайта, внедрение, ведение, продвижение.