Solutions for websites and brokers (trading terminal)


A solution that allows you to integrate your broker’s services into our web platform using our functional API.

Many of the world’s largest and most famous brands trust our products.

HTML5 and a fast web interface will expand the capabilities of any website or trading platform with modern components.


Connecting brokers to our schedule and advertising opportunities will help you promote your brand, connect with existing customers and attract new ones, significantly improving the quality and quantity of services provided.

Broker integration:
Integrate your broker’s services in the Web platform with our charts using our functional API.

Modern advanced features that are updated frequently
Secure cloud infrastructure

Trading platform
A trading platform is a separate product created specifically for brokers. It runs on the broker’s servers and is an additional user interface for attracting new clients, as well as another advantage for existing users. A fee is charged for using the terminal or the terminal is purchased at the same time.

Advantages of our terminal< / strong>
— Full control, as it works on the broker’s servers;
— New up-to-date frontend to attract modern customers;
— Web interface, stability, convenience and high speed;
Is a complete and easy cloud-based SRM-system administrators;
— Partner referral program (including multi-level);
— Connecting payment systems;
— Multilingual functionality;
— Convenient personal account for clients;
— Multi-functional ticket system.

Your brokerage services can be accessed on our Web platform. You will be able to connect your broker accounts (if necessary, open new ones), receive data and send orders to the broker directly.

By becoming a supported broker, you shorten your user’s journey from opening an account to placing orders. Promote your brand, connect with existing customers and attract new ones, significantly improving the quality of services provided and interaction with users. To add to the Web platform, you must pass a paid certification.


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